I’ve got a nervous knot in my stomach that’s been there since yesterday morning when I heard I’ve got a job interview on Monday (a step up the ladder, at a different establishment).

Hope Sandoval has the kind of voice that can melt icecaps and which you can sink into. Here she is in solo mode from a film soundtrack (In The Air) that also featured The Chemical Brothers. Might help me relax a bit.

Wild Roses (Inedit)

Richard X, Hope Sandoval and Jarvis Cocker ‘Into U’

I’ve been listening to the Massive Attack and Hope Sandoval song (Paradise Circus) over the last few days, especially the Gui Boratto remix, and that led me back to this. Richard X, acceptable face of the mash-up (or something). This was off his album from a few years ago. He took Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You, jazzed it up and got Jarvis to sing over it. That’s a technical description of the recording process. Very good track it is too. Wasn’t convinced by some of the rest of the album (Liberty X?).

Looking for pictures to accompany this post, it was beardy Richard X, beardy Jarvis or Hope. Hmmm….

14 Into U.wma