I’ve not followed the career of Lemonhead Evan Dando very closely. In the late 80s I had Lick on vinyl (one ace song that starts ‘Here I am outside your house at 8 am’, don’t remember the name of it now and no longer have the record). I quite liked some of the early 90s stuff but never bought any apart from the odd single. He lost it publicly several times, claiming he had written a song called Purple Parallelogram with Noel Gallagher and a dalliance with Courtney Love. He probably needs some kind of award for surviving both. This song, Confetti, is a perfectly serviceable piece of early 90s indie-rock. It says it’s a remix but I’m guessing this means it was mixed again for the single release rather than remixed as many other records were at that time. Confetti (Remix)