Rain Of Crystal Spires

Some Saturday morning indie to put a spring in your step on your way to the cornershop/barbers/wherever it is you might be going today. Put a coat mind- it’s cold out there. A proper coat too, not some flimsy anorak like an 80s indie kid. Felt were archetypal 1986 indie and could make moments of perfection like this one (and fellow 1986 release Ballad Of The Band, back of the sleeve pictured above).

Rain Of Crystal Spires

Music Submission Inbox Overload

I didn’t start Bagging Area as a new music blog but inevitably I do get sent music by artists, bands and people hoping for some (admittedly limited) exposure. I’ve been there myself. Recently I haven’t had any time to investigate the stuff that falls into my email inbox and I do feel bad about it periodically. There’s no point putting up posts by bands or artists when I haven’t listened to the music and I haven’t had the time to listen to the music, let alone then go and write a post, put links in and so on. So, 17 Pygmies, Dire Con, Nothing But Noise, New West, Amish 82, Sameblod, IDC, Spunk Tractor (only one of these bands is imaginary) and all the others- I apologise.

This is recent postees Felt, who I have listened to and know that I like.

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You

I Just Wish My Life Could Be As Strange As A Conspiracy (And Man Ray)

With Lawrence’s heroic 80s indie failures Felt the myth is at least as important as the truth. As well as all the story’s of Lawrence’s eccentric behaviour- refusing to let people use his toilet, sacking band members who wore the wrong clothes, leaving a Lloyd Cole gig because he saw Lloyd eating a banana (Lawrence ate no fruit or veg), releasing ten singles and ten albums in ten years with out-there titles- Felt managed to find the time to record some of the decades best songs of their ilk. Pop but clearly not pop. Like this one.

Primitive Painters

Today’s Man Ray sitter is Emile Dubuffet, who looks a bit 80s indie. Despite taking a good picture she has left no other trace on the internet that I can find.

Felt ‘Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow’

Felt were almost the archetypal 80s indie (in the true sense of the word) band. Led by eccentric Lawrence they released ten singles and ten albums in ten years, on either Cherry Red or Creation, and then split up. Future Primal Scream-er Martin Duffy joined them on keyboards and organ. Before that, in 1984 with guitarist Maurice Deebank they recorded this classic single- Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow. Not a note or word out of place, 80s indie perfection.