Same Old Show

Basement Jaxx, on the whole, I can take or leave. But they have pulled it off on some occasions, this song being one of them. Same Old Show, from their 1999 debut album Remedy, samples the vocal phrase ‘it’s just the same old show’ from the Selecter’s On My Radio and is great for bouncing around the kitchen to.

Same Old Show


Ska Selection

More ska revival today this time with Coventry’s other 2 Tone band The Selector. Pauline Black still tours a version of the band (again like with The Beat for a while there were two reformed Selectors were on the road, the other led by songwriter Neol Davies. Pauline won the right to the name). Pauline wrote a very well received autobiography recently but I haven’t read it. This song is the only one on the hard drive currently, all the way from 1979.

Too Much Pressure

On My Radio is my favourite of theirs, three minutes of utter delight with a ton of hooks and totally infectious. There are so many great TV appearances and videos of all these bands from this time. They understood the power of image and audience identification with it.

‘I bought my baby a red radio…’


The Selecter ‘On My Radio’

I think I’ve mentioned this before round here- some records are inexplicably good, but when you break them down in words it really doesn’t do them justice. I could describe this infectious piece of ska-pop and try to explain what makes it great, but it won’t be adequate and will fail to get the joy of the song across. The Selecter’s On My Radio is just stupidly good. What’s really stunning is that in 1979 this single sold a quarter of a million copies in one format, enough sales that today it would be number one from now until Christmas. Equally, in this song Pauline Black complains about the way all the radio stations sounded the same. If that was the state of radio in 1979 it must be moreso now. So here’s to the news last week that Radio 6 has been saved. Hallelujah.

On my radio.mp3