Face It Tiger

I was sifting through a box of cds found on top of a cupboard recently- various bits of decorating and reorganising have been taking place which will eventually lead to a new storage solution for the overspill of records that has been taking place in the back room for a few years now. The box contained either cds I’d made myself or cds that came free with magazines. Some didn’t the survive the process. Some got refiled in the box (but more neatly). Some got taken to the car. On the way to work on Tuesday morning I put a cd called Change The Beat into the player, a compilation that came free with Mojo in 2015 subtitled ’14 tracks from Madonna’s New York scene’. This came blaring out of my car’s speakers and for 4 minutes and 13 seconds I was convinced it was the best song I was going to hear that day.


Everything about it is the maximum it could be- that taut, funky as fuck bassline (pinched by The Chemical Brothers at a cost for Block Rockin’ Beats), those chanted backing vox, the horns, the timbales, the gunshot samples. Magical stuff from 23 Skidoo back in 1983. You just hit the jackpot.

Blog Rocking Beats

If you’re in the West Scotland and Glasgow area on Saturday night (12th June) you should get down toThe Flying Duck and get down. Drew, who runs the excellent Across The Kitchen Table blog, has turned his hand to promoting- hence the first night of Blog Rocking Beats, with vinyl (I’m glad to say) being spun for unwitting punters. It’s billed as ‘the folks behind some of Scotland’s best music blogs’, and features dj-ing/record playing from the names you can see on the poster above, with a wide ranging and eclectic music policy. Free entry before eleven pm. What have you got to lose?

The Bagging Area Sound System was invited to trundle up the M6 with a box of records to join in putting 45s on at 33 and vice versa. I have family committments this weekend, but if it goes well and the invite is still there I’m hoping to make Saturday 10th of July. A date for your diaries there then.

Finally, award yourself a trainspotter point if you can work out the connection between the night and this track- 23 Skidoo’s Coup. Easy-ish one I should think. No prizes though, it’s just for fun.