Vox Low Part Deux

I  found something else from Vox Low, a duo from Paris making entrancing and hypnotic spacey, pyschey, krauty music who I posted about on Saturday. They have an ep out on Astro Lab Recordings, four songs including this remix by fellow Frenceman Ivan Smagghe.

Vox Low

I came across this from Parisienne duo Vox Low, Andrew Weatherall’s favourite new band. They describe themselves as ‘subterranean music that oscillates between rock and psychedelic old wave… dark and cinematic’. I’m having all of that. Plus distorted organ, primitive drum thumping, ghostly backing vocals, spindly guitar and dirty bass. But don’t take my word for it or Weatherall’s for that matter. Listen for yourself.

Released, inevitably, on numbered, limited, transparent 7″ vinyl. And equally inevitably, sold out. You can get a download at Bandcamp. I’m now expecting a remix.


Some blogs do  an April Fools post with something outrageous (see The Vinyl Villain’s attempt to persuade us all last year that Paul Young’s No Parlez was a much overlooked lp) or a little joke (one blog once claimed to have posted a rare Joy Division song found at a car boot sale but the download turned out to be Kylie’s I Should Be So Lucky). No such going ons here. I couldn’t think of anything funny.

This new Richard Norris remix of Warpaint’s Disco//Very is somewhat trippy and phased and very nice indeed. Fittingly it has both time and space in abundance. I hope it’s coming out on vinyl.

Psyche Rock

More from France.

Picture: Renee Perle in 1930, actress, model, muse and kiss-curl pioneer.

Music: composer Pierre Henry wrote Psyche Rock in 1967, a riot of synths, fuzzy guitars and the old 1-4-5 chord progression.

Psyche Rock