The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 28

Or rockabilly songs from Ctel part two. Long Tall Texans (and don’t they look fine?) also recorded this song, Gotta Go, a bit of a good ‘un. It’s a cover of a song by The G-Men, a new one to me. There’s a Youtube link here, worth having a look at. Sun’s out, and tonight the alcohol must be cold…

Man Ray Style

The Rayographs are an all girl three-piece from London who I heard on Weatherall’s recent 6 Mix excursion. While in town last weekend, negotiating record shops with I.T. in his wheelchair (not always easy) I found a 7″ from two years ago in Piccadilly Records. They have a spooky, psychedelic/bluesy sound. There’s several of their songs you should look out for- Francis, Space Of The Halls, Yellow Hair, all of which shimmer with a drop of the dark stuff. This is from their debut single.

Fa Fa Fa Fa, Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Faa

Talking Heads, so normal looking they were deeply odd, hit the pop culture consciousness with this song- Psycho Killer. I’ve been listening to this song for two and a half decades. It’s got multiple vocal hooks, David Byrne’s from-the-point-of-view-of-a-serial-killer lyrics, some scratchy, choppy guitar work from Byrne and Jerry Harrison, Chris Frantz’s no nonsense drumming but really it’s all about Tina Weymouth’s bass. How come it hasn’t been sampled more often?

This version kicks, and is from a 1977 radio session, released on the The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads album. Dum dum dum dum, dum du dum…

Sten Guns In Knightsbridge

One more Clash cover? Oh go on then. Here Edwyn Collins tackles year zero manifesto 1977- Joe claiming no Elvis, Beatles or Rolling Stones while Mick recycles a Kinks riff. Edwyn takes his acoustic guitar to it and adds some hard won wisdom.

She Was An American Girl

I don’t really buy into the whole guilty pleasures thing- a good song is a good song no matter who wrote/played/sings it. Hence, as Drew pointed out a long time ago, Push The Button by Sugababes is just a great tune regardless. I don’t usually go for U.S. AM/FM radio rock, but there’s nothing at all wrong with Tom Petty’s American Girl, sheer joy from start to finish. And we all know where Julian Casablancas nicked the riff for Last Nite from.

It’s Always Tease, Tease, Tease

Another Clash cover comes in via the wonders of the internet, this time from Ctel whose Acid Ted blog is a standard setter for dance music blogs. This is Should I Stay Or Should I Go? as done by Brighton based three piece rockabilly band Long Tall Texans, formed in 1985 and still treading the boards today. I should’ve saved this for Friday night but luckily Ctel sent another song by them as well.

Out Of The Loft

Pete Astor has featured at Bagging Area before as head honcho of 80s indie bands The Loft and The Weather Prophets and 90s/00s ambienty act Ellis Island Sound. As well as becoming a lecturer in Popular Studies he’s got a new album out called Songbox- 2 cds, one of new songs and the other cover versions of his songs by others. It comes in a very nice cardboard box. Pete’s an underrated songwriter but a good one, as this swinging, bluesy song demonstrates, and the woodwind instruments make this as good a way as any to start the working week.

I Save Coupons For Packets Of Tea

Drew sent me this, a valuable addition to the Clash cover versions series that’s been dominating this blog for the last week or so- Greg Dulli’s Afghan Whigs covering Lost In The Supermarket. This song is a real gem in The Clash’s back catalogue, written by Joe and sung by Mick, after Joe got severely disorientated in The International, 471-473 Kings Road, beneath the World’s End Estate. Not there now I suspect. Or it’s a Waitrose. Some day I’m going to go to London and spend a day doing a Clash walking tour of these places. The Afghan Whigs turn in a pretty good cover here and I like it, well worth your time and attention. I have friends in Leicester who often drive the length and breadth of the country to see Greg Dulli or The Afghan Whigs- although H, who is one of the Leicester lot says he wouldn’t walk to the bottom of his road to watch them.

Two picture related points- firstly, yes, I was very pleased to find a photo of The Clash in the supermarket. Sad I know. And B), he likes a fag does Greg Dulli. Do a google image search and see if you can find one where he isn’t smoking.

Black And Blues

Jim Reid, ex-Mary Chain frontman, has got a new song up on here on Soundcloud called Black And Blues. It’s a Jim Reid song, you know what it’ll sound like. I like it. Jim’s comment about it is ‘What I’ve been wasting my time with lately’.

The Mary Chain’s five studio albums are soon to be re-released as triple packs, 2 cds with all the extras you’d expect and a dvd of videos, tv appearances and so on. A couple of these might be tempting if Rhino hadn’t put out a box of rarities a couple of years back and double cd best of last year, and the whole set of albums were re-mastered and re-released not too long before that. The Smiths soon to be released boxset features their albums (and singles on the big box set, in both vinyl and cd format) re-mastered (because the originals sounded awful didn’t they?), and depending on which format you buy would set you back £50 or £300. It’s all a long way from 7″ and 12″ singles for a quid or two in the mid 1980s and junk shop clothes.

If You Can Play On A Fiddle, How About An British Jig And Reel

Jimdoes, a reader who helpfully tipped me off about Arcade Fire’s cover of Guns Of Brixton, also let me have this- Josh Rouse covering Straight To Hell. Josh Rouse is a name I know but I don’t think I’ve heard much, if anything, by him. This is an acoustic guitar and voice cover of Joe’s song, the centrepiece to the Combat Rock album. It’s great that readers Jimdoes and Dirk have contributed to this series- thanks chaps. We’ll have enough Clash covers for a decent homemade cd soon.