Horror Show

Nope, I don’t know what’s going on with Salvador Dali’s trousers either (particularly the crotch area) although Gala seems to have got it going on. Tight trousered enthusiasts The Horrors have set a load of remixers loose on their 2011 album Skying, most of them doing exactly what remixers should. The digital release came out this week- two Weatherall mixes (the previously released remix of Wild Eyed and a new bleepy one of Moving Further Away). Other equally good highlights are present from Daniel Avery, Peaking Lights, Andy Blake and Blanck Mass (one half of Olympians Fuck Buttons). All well worth downloading from Beatport or somewhere similar. You can listen below.

The Higher physical boxset comes out in March- four pieces of vinyl, two cds,a dvd and one previously worn winklepicker. With a price tag of fifty quid. Which is, y’know, quite a lot of money.

>Friday Night Noise

It’s Friday, and this is about as far from rockabilly as you can get. Blanck Mass is the solo work of Benjamin Power, one half of Fuck Buttons. I don’t know if he’s Mr Fuck or Mr Buttons. This track, Land Disasters, is several minutes of noise- some white noise, some guitar feeding back noise and some of that lovely analogue synth noise. It’s a soothing noise. It could do your head in at times I imagine. It might also help clear up who plays what in Fuck Buttons.