Dusseldorf’s A Cold Place

I read an article about poor old Billy Mackenzie recently, the man with the astonishing voice who sang The Associates songs. Party Fears Two is so beyond pop but also a very great pop single. I also really like this one from 1981, undoubtedly Bowie influenced but also very much it’s own thing. And that voice gives me goosebumps.

White Car In Germany


>You Can Wear A Uniform

I was watching something recently which ended with David Bowie’s in-no-way-at-all-camp single Boys Keep Swinging. Filmed in a brightly lit TV studio it had Bowie miming, sashaying around and singing lines like ‘You can wear a uniform, other boys will check you out’. And I thought, this is good but I think The Associates 1979 stripped down version is better.