The 14th Minute (And Man Ray)

CTel at Acid Ted blog is having a month off, and having posted several thousand dance music posts in the last few years who can blame him? Since exhausting the A-Z of his record collection he has mainly focused on new dance music for the last two years, often posting several times a day. I discovered this through him- The 14th Minute, who make upbeat disco-house, not big room, pump-yer-fist stuff, just uncomplicated, smiley-face dance music. Lovely.

Spoken (Original Mix)

In a completely unrelated way I’ve been into the photography of Man Ray recently, who more-or-less invented modern photography as an artform, though he denied that photography was art. Man Ray moved to Paris in 1921 and was on the fringes of the surrealist and Dada movements, and hung out with most of the 20s and 30s European movers and shakers. He invented the process of solarization and spent the 1920s creating surrealist photography and taking striking portraits of the great and good, the beautiful and the damned, including the one above of model and muse Nusch Eluard. I might put some more Man Ray portraits up to accompany posts- they beat some of the band pictures I use hands down (such as yesterday’s Lemonheads shot).