Friday Night Is Mancabilly Night

A swerve a few miles north of here towards Prestwich for tonight’s rockabilly record- The Fall’s barnstorming cover of White Lightning, written by The Big Bopper and a 1959 hit for George Jones. It’s as rockabilly as creepers, quiffs, snarling and rolled up sleeves. Whatever your tipple is tonight, take care- white lightning’ll make your eyes bug out and your face turn blue.

>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 10


Seeing as The Fall were here this morning I thought we should have some rockabilly that linked. This is George Jones’ White Lightning, as covered by Mark E Smith and one of his line-ups, an ode to the benefits of strong homemade alcohol which has the following effect- ‘my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue’. I’ll have one of whatever you’re having please.

White Lightning.mp3#1#1