Time for some more Weatherall I think. This is the Two Lone Swordsmen remix of Ricardo Villalobos’ Dexter from 2004. TLS took on the remix but then didn’t get the files sent through in time, so did a live remix/reworking using real bass and drums, with Weatherall then doing his sonic knobtwidling. Result? Nearly six minutes of Joy Divisionesque post punk with a melancholic edge. Wonderful stuff.


Back From The Digital Grave

Back again. Computer recovered from a nasty virus, one whole week off-line (which has been bizarre, a drag and slightly liberating), several quid lighter, but a massive sense of relief. I’m a little pushed for time here but to celebrate here’s some lovely, deep, groovy techno from Chile’s Ricardo Villalobos. This should get you moving, or your head nodding at the least. Nice to back in the cyber realm. Dedicated to the tech guys at PC World, Pin Mill, Ancoats.

01 Easy Lee.wma