Today involves all manner of Christmas stuff. But first, to ease the pain, some dub. The Legendary Skatalites In Dub is exactly that- the horns of ska with the dub basslines and rhythms of King Tubby. This one is a perfect example and why you should get a copy of this album if you don’t have one already.

Kimble Dub

Bottom Dub

I was listening to this in the car at the weekend- The Legendary Skatalites In Dub, wherein The Skatalites get mucked about with by King Tubby. The car isn’t the ideal place to listen to dub, too much of the subtlety and the bass gets lost, but it was a lovely day and it sounded really good. This track in particular, with it’s beautiful bassline, was superb.

Bottom Dub

Dance The Ska

Seeing as Ally asked so nicely and also because I’ve been listening to a ska comp in the car today (although it isn’t on the hard-drive) and also because those ska dance moves pictured above are so good- roll the carpet back, turn it up and dance the ska, this time with The Skatalites.

Phoenix City

You’re Wondering Now

I was going to start Sunday with some dub- it’s ages since there was any dub round here- but scrolling through stuff I chanced upon this and thought we should start Sunday with some ska. You’re Wondering Now is probably best known to people my age as a Specials song and is maybe best known to people twenty years younger than me as an Amy Winehouse tune. It was originally a Skatalites instrumental; this later vocal version was recorded by Andy and Joey in 1964.

Ska now, dub later.

You’re Wondering Now

Saturday Dub

Weatherall played this on his 6 Mix show in August, and then I stumbled upon it on emusic the other night. From their 1975 album The Legendary Skatalites In Dub, dubbery provided by equally legendary King Tubby. If you’ve any interest in dub the whole album is knockout- I listened to it the other night while typing away at a mammoth report/review for work, and it made the whole experience vastly better.

Skatalites_08_African Roots Dub.mp3