Surf Sunday

More surf for Sunday, from The Tornados- although with the weather and temperature as it is the thought of being almost naked outside is bizarre. But that’s what living in north-west England as opposed to southern California does for you.

Beyond The Surf


Surf Sunday

Surf’s up.

The Fender IV released two 7″ singles, in 1964 and 1965, with Dick Dale influenced guitar. When Southern California’s record buying public got bored of surf music they changed to styles (added vocals) and name (Sons Of Adam, given them by Kim Fowley). This was their first single.

I have never been on a surfboard in my life.

Mar Gaya

Surf Sunday

Calvin Cool and his band The Surf Knobs (really) from 1963 with El Tecolote, a very cool, string bending instrumental. You can say that about much surf music can’t you? Keen eared listeners may recognise this as the intro music to one of Andrew Weatherall’s radio shows- the old Double Gone Radio over at Rotters Golf Club I think. RGC are currently saying The Aspodells debut lp will be out on January 28th. So, why does the Japanese market get it two months earlier?

El Tecolote

The photo shows a surfer girl pictured in 1944. While there was a war on, for goodness’ sakes.

Surf Sunday

Regular Friday night rockabilly enthusiast and reader George asked about some surf music. I’m not sure I’ve got a huge amount and some of what I have got I’ve already shoehorned into the rockabilly series (Chantays’ Pipeline cropped up in May). George also referred to Dick Dale and his epic surf instrumental Miserlou (best known to many as the theme from Pulp Fiction). So, as a starter in what may be a somewhat short series of Surf Sunday posts, here’s Dick Dale and his Deltones with another string bending surf song.

Let’s go Trippin’