Apne Slusa

Scandinavia has been producing some very good house and electronic music for some time now- classy stuff with a smidgeon of disco, warm electronics, chuggy basslines, pitter-pattering drums, a gentle slow motion throb. I’ve written several times about Paresse (from Stockholm) whose sound I love and who makes very evocative balm for the ears and brain. Norwegian DJ and producer Prins Thomas has been doing his thing for well over a decade, honing his sound, always inventive, precise and absorbing. This long but never dull track came out in 2014 and is here today to welcome in February. I think everyone’s glad to see the back of January 2016.

Apne Slusa (lang Versjon)


Space Scribble

A few months back Italian cosmic disco duo DJ Rocca and Daniele Baldelli released a remix e.p. of songs from their Podalirius album. The lead off was a suitably sumptuous spaced out job from our friend Andrew Weatherall. His remix of Complotto Geometrico is a beaut and together with that one of Speed of Dark by Emeliani Torrini and the indie-dance epic for Jagwar Ma make up a lovely summer 2013 remix triptych. But the Weatherall  one was only one of three- the Prins Thomas remix of Space Scribble is also very, very good. If you’re familiar with Prins Thomas’s subtle, elegant, minimal disco stylings, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

Space Scribble (Prins Thomas Remix)


You could do worse than spend part of your Saturday evening with this superb 66 minute mix of ‘domestic disco’ from Prins Thomas. Low key but with plenty of bounce, not really disco-disco at all but a modernist, minimalist, Scandinavian version thereof.

Without Music Blogs 2

Without music blogs I would probably also have missed this- the Prins Thomas remix of The Grid’s classic 1990 Floatation single, stretched out, zhizzed up and as dreamy as yesterday’s Brian Eno remix. The music blog in question was Nolan Micron’s Castles In Space, which continues to provide top quality tunes. When I was in Piccadilly Records a while back I found a copy of this on 10″ vinyl. Circle completed.

Floatation (Prins Thomas Miks)

The Man Ray portrait is of Genica Athanasiou, a Romanian actress and Antonin Artaud’s partner. Which doesn’t really explain why he was looking so unhappy in his portrait. Unless he was annoyed his curtains had been pulled down.

Disco Monday

Work seems to be, well, hard work at the moment. Mustn’t complain I suppose, there’s plenty of people out of work but still…

Here’s something uplifting for the start of the week- DJ Harvey’s Locus Solus album was one of my favourites from last year, a grower that included a great Andrew Weatherall dub remix. It also came with this remix by Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, where they turn the knob marked Balearic down and push the Disco button all the way to the top for nine minutes plus.

I Want It (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)