Learning Lines In The Rain

Top goth art-rockers Bauhaus with the 12″ mix of their 1983 single She’s In Parties, with the band making full use of those extra 5 inches. There’s some great guitar work on this. The picture provides some proof this bunch were actually popstars of sorts, although how him on the right passed muster I don’t know. It was also, incidentally, the inspiration for Half Man Half Biscuit’s She’s In Broadstairs.

12 She’s in Parties [Extended Mix].wma

Release The Bats

Your honour, I’m not and never have been a goth, but like most 80s subcultures there was something going on that is worthy of credit. Exhibit A, the 12″ version of Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus. Please note the scratchy post-punk guitars and bass and drum work reminiscent of The Bunnymen, and the ludicrous but praiseworthy vocal by Mr Murphy. I believe he is the one with the cheekbones. This may be gothic m’lud but it is also art. Fields Of The Nephilim? The Mission? No Your Honour, but Bauhaus, certainly. The defence rests.

Bela Lugosi s Dead.mp3