I Don’t Want Your Money Honey

While ‘researching’ my Patsy Kensit and Eighth Wonder post the other day my attention was drawn to the Youtube sidebar, a timehole if ever there was one. On the right hand side of my screen were several related links, quite a few of them to Transvision Vamp. And so vanished twenty minutes of my life until I slapped myself around the face and shook myself out of a late 80s/late teens haze. Watching various Transvision Vamp videos and TOTP performances it was clear (if there had ever really been any doubt) that Transvision Vamp, no matter what they said, were not really about the music or the boys in the band. Nope- they were definitely about Wendy James and specifically about making the most of Wendy James’ looks to sell records. I remember buying at least one TV 12″ single specifically for the sleeve; in fact specifically for the picture of Wendy on the sleeve. I wasn’t much bothered about the poppy-punky music (it was alright but not much more than that). It was the sleeve.

I Want Your Love