At The Age Of Ten She Looked Like Greta Garbo

I am developing an unfortunate habit of missing gigs I’d like to go to. This Friday Lloyd Cole is playing Sale’s Waterside Arts Centre, a ten minute walk from my house- it is also Mrs Swiss’s birthday and I’m not sure it’s how she sees her birthday night going. Two Saturdays ago The Orb did their 25th Anniversary thing while I was in Sheffield. The last two Easter holidays away I’ve missed the reformed Big Audio Dynamite, the reformed House Of Love and Steve Mason. I missed Crocodiles a while back for lack of a babysitter. Roddy Frame passed through I couldn’t attend.

I’ve always loved the first two Lloyd Cole And The Commotions albums, and some of the third as well. Perfect Skin is the obvious choice so I’m going with it; a perfect, wordy, jingly jangly mid 80s record with all those lines we all love- Louise with her perfect skin, cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin, Cosmopolitan magazine, basement flats and Greta Garbo.

Perfect Skin