Head Down

I was thinking while driving home last night about The Fall and how they’ve been part of my musical life for over thirty years. When I first started properly getting into music- buying the records, going to the gigs, reading the music press, looking for the clothes, all that kind of stuff- The Fall were there (along with The Smiths, New Order, Talking Heads, and various other indie/alternative bands). And while I’ve never been a buy-all-the-records Fall fan, their music is undoubtedly part of musical DNA. In the 8 years I’ve been doing this blog I’ve posted about them 17 times. The songs- Theme From Sparta FC, Bill Is Dead (thrice), Popcorn Double Feature, Funnel Of Love, How I Wrote Elastic Man, Bingo master’s Breakout, Two Librans, White Lighting, There’s A Ghost In My House, Rowche Rumble, Big New Prinz, Wrong Place Right Time and Squid Lord (plus I Want You by Mark E Smith and Inspiral Carpets, Mark with Edwyn Collins on Seventies Night and Rhinohead by MES with Von Sudenfed). That looks like a pretty decent compilation album right there.

On top of those I could easily have posted these without much effort- Free Range, Hey Luciani!, Repetition, Industrial Estate, Edinburgh Man, Mr Pharmacist, Hit The North, Eat Y’self Fitter, Touch Sensitive, Victoria, Cruiser’s Creek, Totally Wired, Who Makes the Nazis?, Telephone Thing, High Tension Line, Twister, Blood Outta Stone, Kimble, Trust In Me, Spoilt Victorian Child, Bremen Nacht, Dead Beat Descendent, Jerusalem and Get A Hotel. That’s just the obvious ones off the top of my head. And this one, off 1988’s The Frenz Experiment (a somewhat unloved album I think among the devotees but I treasure it. I think Brix really brought something to the gruppe).

The Steak Place

For a long time I thought there must be a subtext to The Steak Place but couldn’t put my finger on it, something in the lyrics I couldn’t work out. But on reflection I think it is just a song about a steak house.

‘Cheap carpet lines the way
Aluminium tack door handles
Candelabra lions head
Via butchers display too

The steak place
Via a carcass row
Things are brought forward and eaten,
I see the corners filled with hitmen,
Two young lawyers they are whispering, in
The steak place
I want to stay here,
I don’t want to go anywhere,
I could remain here’

Wrong Place Right Time

There are two good reasons to post Wrong Place Right Time by The Fall today. Firstly, I bought I Am Kurious Oranj in King Bee on Saturday. I used to own it on cassette, in fact it was the second Fall album I bought back in 1988 (the first was The Frenz Experiment). The cassette version had more songs on it I think but seeing a pristine vinyl copy for a fiver was too tempting, mainly because Big New Prinz is one of my favourite Fall songs, maybe my number one. The whole of Side A is really good- Prinz, the seven minute Dog Is Life/Jerusalem. I love the dirty bassline of Jerusalem. And the first side closes with Wrong Place Right Time.

This performance of Wrong Place Right Time is from the ballet so you’ve got The Fall playing live with Brix on tambourine and Michael Clark’s dancers flitting about. Somehow, The Fall soundtracking a ballet to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary of William of Orange’s ascension to the throne made perfect sense. I like the Brix era Fall- there were tunes to go with the MES vocal delivery.

The second reason is I’m meeting Drew, Fall fan and Across The Kitchen Table blogger, for a few pints tonight while he’s in town with work. Right place right time.

I fucked my back up getting out of the car at work on Friday (I know, I know) and then made it worse playing football after school the same day. It’s just beginning to feel Ok again after a weekend of hobbling about. A few pints in The Old Cock will probably aid my recovery.

Check The Guy’s Track Record

Anthony H Wilson presenting The Fall live in ’88, on The Other Side Of Midnight. A fairly youthful Mark E and the classic Fall line up then play Big New Prinz, my favourite Fall song. Mancabilly. The wobbly nature of the VHS does not detract from the performance- if anything it adds to it. Brix Smith, in frilly green shirt, has gone on to mix in very different circles, as you’ll know if you watch daytime fashion makeover TV.

This version, with Michael Clarke’s dancers is also making the grade. Mancabillyballet.

We are off to see Primal Scream tonight, a friend’s birthday night out. Who, on a three date tour, decided that the best date for Manchester would be a Sunday night? Eh? Support is provided by someone called Andrew Weatherall, playing records apparently. Supposed to be quite good. Chances are primal Scream won’t play this piece of C86ery..

Crystal Crescent