I Love You All

On Saturday night I watched Frank, the fictionalised and dramatised version of the life of Frank Sidebottom, starring Maggie Gyllenhall and Michael Fassbender. In the film, based on Jon Ronson’s account of playing keys for Frank Sidebottom, Frank takes his band to a shack in Ireland and to their outer limits recording an album. The whole band later on collapses in Austin, Texas before playing at SXSW. Frank vanishes, turning up at a music hall where the remainder of the group are playing alt-country. Michael Fassbender, now giant headless (as Frank) is given a microphone and joins in singing this beautiful song, right at the film’s climax. The song is played by the actors and sung by Fassbender. Based partly also on the lives of Daniel Johnston and Captain Beefheart, Frank is American throughout, rather than from Timperley, and has a rich baritone rather than Chris Sievey’s squeeky voice. It doesn’t really matter, artistic license and all that. It’s a really good film and a totally affecting moment and song. This is not a novelty. You’ll love it. Promise.

I Love You All

When Chris Sievey (the real Frank Sidebottom) died he was penniless. A crowdfunded account opened to pay for his funeral and then a couple of years ago a statue was erected in Timperley village, outside what is now a Costa coffee shop. If you’re ever in the area you should pay it a visit. In the photo above Frank’s statue (right) is pictured with your Bagging Area blogger (left, obvs). Annoyingly, Frank has better hair and fewer bags under his eyes.

Timperley Sunset

Sorry about the delay- I got caught up in a few family things and went out for tea and suffered the slowest service known to man.

Earlier on though-Panic on the streets of Timperley! The police turned up and closed the roads, the Mayor of Trafford spoke (‘Frank wasn’t a Tory!’, someone shouted as he spoke. It took all my self control not to shout ‘Trafford council cutting disabled children’s respite, Tory scum’). Hordes of people milling and watching, Chris Sievey’s family, scooter clubs arrived,  fans with papier mache heads, a brass band and then the statue unveiled from within a shed. We’ll have to return to get some decent photos without all the crowds. In the meantime here’s Timperley Sunset…

Meanwhile, In Timperley Village…

Today, at 11.37 precisely, the Frank Sidebottom statue pictured above will be unveiled in Timperley Village (opposite the Nat West). The local paper says the unveiling will involve a shed. I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, In Timperley Village…

Our local free newspaper The Sale and Altrincham Messenger reported this week that Frank Sidebottom’s statue could be unveiled in Timperley village on April 1st next year. The funds for the statue have been raised by public subscription to the tune of £20, 000. The SAM’s letters page is one of the highlights of my week- thanks to people who helped when someone fell over in the precinct, complaints about broken paving stones, complaints about dog shit, complaints about council tax, recent discussions about how to pronounce Sale scientist JP Joule’s name (Joo-el or Jow-el),  various defences of the 11 plus exam; these are all regular features. I’m looking forward to next week’s letters page where someone will inevitably complain about Frank’s proposed statue.

Frank was a big fan of Altrincham FC, the giant killing non-league team. I’ve seen them a few times, though not while killing any giants. This is one of Frank’s recorded tributes to The Robbins.

The Robbins Aren’t Bobbins

Apologies to readers in the US or other foreign parts, to whom much of this will mean nothing.