Some records grow in reputation over the years, even the ones that are raved about on release. DJ Shadow’s Entroducing… is one of them. I listened to it loads in the months and years after its release but haven’t played it end to end for years. It is a monument to one man’s obsession (record collecting, obscure samples, building an album by using pretty much nothing but an Akai MPC60, a Technics SL-1200 turntbale and a tape recorder) and has probably become a bit of a millstone around its creators neck. I listened to it again recently, after Ctel posted a remix of Midnight In A Perfect World, and said he wasn’t such a big fan of it. On this occasion I have to disagree (and Ctel is often right in these things). I can’t find any reason to suggest that it is anything other than a stunningly inventive piece of work. Midnight… is based around a sampled drum beat and a David Axelrod piano sample and doesn’t sound twenty years old at all. When the album finishes it almost forces you to turn it over and start again.

Midnight In A Perfect World