Full Denim Jacket

There are more than a few echoes of Bizarre Love Triangle era New Order in this Black Merlin track, celebrating the denim jacket. It’s a classic item of clothing. I’ve owned a couple and I don’t remember ever washing one- they must be self-cleaning.

This track’s pretty good too.


This an excerpt from an absolutely lovely, ever-so-slightly moody electronic throbber from the combined talents of Black Merlin and Timothy J Fairplay, off an ep of remixes, out on vinyl soon or now. Not sure which. I’m assuming it’s an excerpt as it’s only two and a half minutes long; it certainly needs to be longer- about five minutes longer.

Brunswick Drive

Brunswick Drive by Black Merlin was the third release on Weatherall’s Bird Scarer Records. I have this one and Bird Scarer 002 though missed out on Bird Scarer 001. Does that irk me? Yes it does. This is the B-side, remixed by Scott Fraser. High quality electronic sounds for Saturday morning. No dl, listen only- it’s a vinyl only series, part of the Bird Scarer aesthetic.