Brunswick Drive

Originally released on Andrew Weatherall’s 12″ vinyl only label Bird Scarer Black Merlin’s Brunswick Drive, from 2012, is twelve minutes of electronic sound, an interzone where ambient meets industrial. There’s something of the dystopian sci- fi soundtrack about Brunswick Drive so entirely fitting to our present situation. Lockdown, Britain, 2020. Stay in. Let’s hope for all our sake’s, it works. I can’t help but feel it’s happened too late, we’ve all seen what’s been going on in Italy for the last two weeks.

Brunswick Drive is available at Bandcamp for just £1.20 so you can download it and keep it forever.

Full Denim Jacket

There are more than a few echoes of Bizarre Love Triangle era New Order in this Black Merlin track, celebrating the denim jacket. It’s a classic item of clothing. I’ve owned a couple and I don’t remember ever washing one- they must be self-cleaning.

This track’s pretty good too.


This an excerpt from an absolutely lovely, ever-so-slightly moody electronic throbber from the combined talents of Black Merlin and Timothy J Fairplay, off an ep of remixes, out on vinyl soon or now. Not sure which. I’m assuming it’s an excerpt as it’s only two and a half minutes long; it certainly needs to be longer- about five minutes longer.

Brunswick Drive

Brunswick Drive by Black Merlin was the third release on Weatherall’s Bird Scarer Records. I have this one and Bird Scarer 002 though missed out on Bird Scarer 001. Does that irk me? Yes it does. This is the B-side, remixed by Scott Fraser. High quality electronic sounds for Saturday morning. No dl, listen only- it’s a vinyl only series, part of the Bird Scarer aesthetic.