The Night Before You Came

This is very nice, The Night Before You Came by Paresse, it’s got a touch of the Bladerunner groove to it, sci-fi electronica (good luck with finding it on vinyl, seems to be sold out left, right and centre).

This Craig Bratley remix is a bit of a looker too..

And from yesterday there’s a free download of a remix by Dave McSherry (Fila Brazillia),a whopping 65mb WAV file…

Little Bird

I’ve got three Goldfrapp albums- two bought in charity shops (Supernature, Seventh Tree), one in an HMV sale (Black Cherry). I don’t know whether this tells you more about me or them. I’ve been meaning to get Felt Mountain for ages but haven’t got round to it. There’s a lot to be said for the electro-glam stomp of songs like Ooh La La or Strict Machine, the sexiness of Twist, the live shows with Alison and backing dancers wearing horses tails…. maybe I’ll stop there.

The bestone though, the most lasting one out of the three I’ve got, is 2008’s Seventh Tree, where they moved away from the dance sound and towards something more subtle, more psychedelic, more baroque- more adult maybe (not that necessarily means more boring, just less instant and requiring a bit more concentration). As it is it seems like the forthcoming one may be down similar lines- go see Davy’s post from a few weeks back for proof. Little Bird, the second song on Seventh Tree is a stunner- it wraps its way around you and digs into your soul. This live version in Bristol in 2010 is nerve tinglingly good.

Little Bird (Live in Bristol 2010)

Electric Elephant

Second mix of the day and you’ll need to set a little time aside for this one- five hours of Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston doing their A Love From Outer space thing at Electric Elephant in Croatia recently. EE plugs it as ‘five hours of space age disco house music which truly defines the word ‘chug”. Make a cup of tea, grab a couple of biscuits and relax.


This is more of a Saturday night post but by Saturday night I shall be on holiday, hundreds of miles away so it’s a Tuesday morning post instead.

This superb hour long mix by Jon Hopkins via the ever reliable Fact has had me skipping about the room recently- there’s a magnificent bit about twenty minutes in where the tsk-tsk-tsk drums starting to be overtaken by a buzz-buzz-buzzing noise, like a swarm of bees have entered the control room and are flying around in time to the music. And that’s just the first twenty five minutes- it keeps getting better and better (and noisier and louder) after that. He worked with Coldplay via Brian Eno a few years back but there’s no need for that fact to worry you here- this is full on electronic dance music of the minimal house-techno variety. Free download too (but annoyingly it won’t embed).

There Will Be A Reckoning

Billy Bragg’s album of this year (Tooth And Nail) has some good songs on it- this is one of them- and has some of the political bite and ire of his former work.

There Will Be A Reckoning

There’s something about the album as a whole that doesn’t quite work for me- a bit too one paced, a bit too samey. Maybe that’s just down to me and a lack of concentration over full albums nowadays, especially ones that don’t have too much sonic variety. But then not every lp can or should have dub, krautrock and free jazz spilling into it’s grooves can it?

Klik Klak

Back in the old nightclubbing days you’d go back to someone’s house or flat after the lights in the club had been rudely switched on and listen to records, partake in other activities and generally be very relaxed until the dawn arrived. On one such occasion, ’93 or 94 I’d guess, I heard both sides of a 12″ and enjoyed it very much. The next week, in a long deceased dance record shop in Altrincham, leafing through the 12″ section, I saw the very record I’d enjoyed so much only a few nights before. Klik Klak was one of many aliases of Dutch producer Erik van den Broek. One side (below) was minimal acid-techno, bouncing bassline and acid squiggles and packed an almighty punch. The other side sounded equally good at both 33 and 45 rpms. As neither side had song titles printed on it and there was a generic blank sleeve the sides to me were called the dance side and the stoned side (especially if played at 33, the ‘wrong’ speed).

This isn’t really Sunday morning music- not unless you’re still up from the night before.

Klik Klak (Dance Side)

I’d love to let you have an mp3 of this track but nothing technological is working right now so a Youtube stream is as good as it gets. Sorry.

Saturday Night Fairplay Mix

 I seem to have sleepwalked into a regular Saturday night mix feature- so here’s another one, this time from Timothy J Fairplay. Deep, dark, hot stuff. An hour long and free download too.

Mrs Swiss and I.T. are away for the weekend, just me and the daughter E.T. This afternoon we saw Monster’s University at the cinema and now the evening is our oyster.

In the picture Bryan and Diana Guinness on honeymoon in 1929, looking about as aloof as it is possible to look. Diana was one of the notorious Mitford sisters. They divorced in 1932 after she had started an affair with Oswald Mosley, leader of the slightly comedic British Union of Fascists. But it can’t have done much for a chap’s self esteem. Bryan may have had the last laugh- Diana spent most of World War II in prison, interned on the advice of MI5.