Disco Devil

I heard this playing recently, I think it was an Andrew Weatherall radio show, possibly one his 6 Mix shows, and it was one of those ‘stop what you’re doing and enjoy the music’ moments. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in full dub remix mode, full of fire and smoke, pushing the faders and the echo all over the place. Psychedelic dub, warped and twisted and stretched into new shapes. At three and half minutes the track lurches to a halt, a bell rings and everything slows right down before the reverb- heavy vocals and rhythms re- appear and it’s as if the ground shifts beneath your feet. Weatherall used to say in interviews that dub was like a religious experience for him. This is the sort of thing I imagine he was referring to.

Disco Devil

Disco Devil is a remixed, dubbed out version of Max Romeo’s 1976 Chase The Devil with it’s famous ‘I’m gonna put on an iron shirt/and chase the devil out of earth’ refrain. Lee Perry recorded and produced the original with The Upsetters and the 1977 remix is credited to Lee Perry and The Full Experiences. It was sampled memorably too by The Prodigy for their Out Of Space single in 1992.


Every Night Me Go To Sleep

Before Max Romeo was chanting down Babylon and chasing the devil he had a massive hit with this song, Wet Dream, in 1968. ‘Every night me go to sleep, me have wet dreams’ he sings, and then takes it further. Faced with a ban by the BBC Max claimed it was actually about a leaky roof.

Wet Dream

Google image search tip- if you type just this song name into Google you get a very different set of images than if you search for the artist name as well as the song title. Just in case you’re tempted to do so and at work.