Scott Fraser is part of the the Weatherall studios bunker complex. His Life Of Silence 12″ on Bird Scarer Records last year was a Bagging Area favourite. There’s nearly two hours of Scott Fraser djing at Clandestino, all throbbing bass, moody synths, kick drums, oscillating wobbles and more besides. Well worth sticking on to brighten your weekend or to top it off if it’s been a good one.

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska was an sculptor who died during the First World War, which dates this photo to pre-1914 i.e. one hundred years ago. Somehow photography has collapsed time because this photo does not look a century old, does it?



Some more Vorticist linocuts for you- words I didn’t think I’d end up typing when I started this blog. The one above is Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s The Wrestlers (looks like it should be easy to do, probably very difficult. Maybe I should try).

Second, E McKnight Kauffer’s Flight- he went on to advertising and to produce posters for the London Underground.

Third, Claude Flight’s Revolution- fucking brilliant (and yes, that’s art criticism).

Finally Lill Tschudi’s Tour De Suisse, which isn’t really done justice to in this jpeg.

Today’s music- some more slightly barking nu-disco from my current faves Glass Candy; good enough to melt the snow and bring the sun out.