The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 136

Some brand new/you’re retro rockabilly tonight from Jack Rabbit Slim who turn in a new album shortly. This song, The Devil’s Bone- calm intro, rocking verse and chorus- combines rockabilly with (if I’m not mistaken) the wah-wah pedal, for some pretty furious Friday night action. February tomorrow and the return of downloads.

I’ll have one of whatever you’re having.


Another Weatherall Mix Post

I saw this picture on the net recently, Weatherall shooting some pool back in the first half of the 90s. I’ve still got the magazine it appeared in (DJ Mag, Top 100 DJs article, although apparently the picture appeared first in Deadline), somewhere in a box with a load of other magazines from the time- the archive in the attic.

This is the first half of a five hour mix done for Ralph Lawson and legendary Leeds nightspot Back To Basics and is a mid tempo delight- all kinds of ALFOS style records, a re-edit of Bowie’s Golden Years at the one hour seven minutes mark included. It’s here at Ralph Lawson’s Squarespace blog. It’s a really long, slow groover.

Or, for a bang up to date mix, here’s Lord Sabre live in Melbourne a few days ago- it goes all cosmic Oz and  kosmische. Very nice.


State Sponsored Weirdness


The BBC Radiophonic Workshop is a thing of brilliance- all that time they spent with old synths and tapes and gizmos making weird noises, sound effects, incidental music and theme tunes. And paid for by the license fee- stick that The Daily Mail and other BBC critics. This clip shows the surviving members (sadly minus the late Delia Derbyshire above) playing the Doctor Who theme recently for the One Show. Although it doesn’t need the sound clips from the TV series really. I can take or leave Doctor Who a lot of the time, but the thought of Peter Capaldi swearing his way through space and time could bring me in- ‘fucking Dalek omnishambles’ and ‘fuckety bye you useless alien knobface’, that sort of thing.

From 1976, Out Of This World

Thirty Thousand Feet Above The Earth

It was twenty years ago that Underworld released one of the definitive albums of the 90s, dubnobasswithmyheadman. Much of it- Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You, Dark And Long, Dirty Epic, Cowgirl, River Of Bass, M.E.- sounded like tomorrow and to be honest still does. The first time I heard this song it took my head off. Karl Hyde’s non-sequitur, snatched lyrics were a revelation for this kind of music too…

‘Thirty thousand feet above the earth…it’s a beautiful thing and you’re a beautiful thing… and I see Elvis… and I hear God on the phone…Elvis, fresh meat and a little whipped cream…and I hear God on the phone…porn dog sniffing the wind… will you be my big new plaything, my total de-disorientator, my ninja power, my number cruncher…thirty thousand feet above the earth…it’s a beautiful thing’


French technoist Danton Eeprom has a new album out shortly called If Looks Could Kill. His Confessions Of An Opium Eater record a few years ago was proper techno. The new album is a poppier affair taken overall, with 80s stylings and vocals along with his taut dancefloor production and some steamy very modern stuff. I streamed the whole thing from his record company the other night and rather enjoyed it. This one, Occidental Damage, is from the dancefloor end of it- repetitive and streamlined.

Afro Camp


Afrobeat pioneer and outspoken defender of Africa’s poor, the late Fela Kuti has had 48 of his albums uploaded onto Bandcamp. Seems a little odd, Fela Kuti being neither an unknown singer-songwriter nor a local band looking for a new model of distribution but there you go. I’m no expert on Fela Kuti- try this one…


All Or Nothing

I think The Small Faces are my favourite of the 60s beat bands- they looked so good, like a unit, their Decca stuff is proper 60s mod/r ‘n’ b, their Immediate stuff is inventive and moving and full of brilliance, to say nothing of Marriott’s voice and the band’s playing and the Lane/Marriott songwriting.

I can’t decide which clip of All Or Nothing is better though- this one from a TV show in 1966, playing live and sounding great…

Or this one of them miming on a street corner somewhere in Europe, collars turned up against the cold, a hat put out for small change.