Boy, Am I Gonna Wake You Up

We drove into town on Saturday and I had a Boys Own compilation on the car stereo which opened with Bocca Juniors’ summer of 1990 song Raise. They made a video which features a bunch of kids, gorgeous singer Anna Haigh and the rest of the Boys Own crew (Terry Farley in a hat, Andrew Weatherall with long hair). Very summer 1990. Although what you don’t get with this three minute version is the massive Thrashing Doves piano sample…

For that, you need this (and you really do need it)…

>Jesus On The Payroll

Here’s the source of that piano sample from Bocca Juniors’ debut single Raise which I posted yesterday- Thrashing Doves 1987 single Jesus On The Payroll. The band were active between 1986 and 1991 and were almost fatally wounded when Margaret Thatcher praised a song of theirs on Saturday Superstore. Death knell for their funky rock pretty much. They also had a revolving door for bass players, one of whom (James Eller) went on to play with Julian Cope and The The and another (Gail Ann Dorsey) who played with David Bowie (and I think Paul Weller but I may be wrong). Guitarist Ian Button ended up with Death In Vegas. The rest of the band got into writing for TV and film. Before all of that though there was this, and very good it is too.

>Raise Your Hands If You Think You Understand

While we’re in the Weatherall area I thought I’d post this for Friday morning. It popped up on the mp3 player the other day driving to work with the sun shining and sounded really good. Bocca Juniors were the inhouse studio band of the Boys Own collective/magazine/cultural trendsetters/ex-football hooligans. In the studio this amounted to Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley, Pete Heller, Hugo Nicholson and vocalist Anna Haigh, along with for this record a massive piano sample from Thrashing Doves’ Jesus On The Payroll. So, it’s got those pianos, well-balearic all-roundness, Anna Haigh’s Alastair Crowley quoting lyrics, and a rap in the middle as many good songs had back then.