It Turns Out I Have A Thing For Girls With Red Dyed Hair

Yes, I do.

I got in from work last night with no firm idea what today’s post was going to be. A few half formed ideas were at the back of mind but nothing concrete. I had a dental appointment (broken tooth, upper back left) and after that I met Mrs Swiss in Sale to buy a couple of things from Argos- she is redecorating both the kid’s bedrooms and they are swapping rooms. There is stuff from both rooms all over the house. I wanted to be ready to watch the England game at 8 (which we lost. Obviously- same old England, just disappointing us in a different location). We had tea and then I opened my emails and this song appeared, as if sent by the blogging Gods.

Boz Boorer and Eddie Argos (ex-Art Brut) have collaborated to make this summer single, Girl From Atlanta. A really nagging guitar riff, high tempo, some ace backing vox and Eddie’s deadly/not-at-all serious vocal tribute to the girls from his favourite city. The lyrics are a hoot, comic and tragic. One listen in and I was hooked. I could see it possibly becoming annoying quite quickly but right now it’s great.

I’ll see if I can summon up some rockabilly for later. No promises at the moment mind.