Music’s Not For Everyone

Andrew Weatherall’s weekly radio show at XOYO reached episode 5 last night. I’m finding it hard to keep up with two hours a week but the shows have been uniformly excellent and are worth listening to. Last night’s is here. Weatherall’s show is named after a Chain And The Gang song (from the album of the same name) released last year, with Ian Svenonius pulling out all the stops. As usual.

Music’s Not For Everyone

>Back On The Chaingang


Ian Svenonius was a member of Marxist rock ‘n’ soul testifiers Nation Of Ulysses, who had a 12 point plan to destroy the youth of America from within or something. Good fun. He was also the front man of Make Up, and most recently Chain And The Gang. This song, Deathbed Confession, is a good ‘un- deep and heavy, tongue in cheek, groovy and ever-so-slightly odd. Svenonius confesses to all sorts of things, including killing JFK ‘for the CIA’ and Malcolm X ‘for Federal Express’ and faking the moonlandings. Well worth a few minutes of your Saturday evening. Brown suit and tank top- yes or no?