She Walks

This sort of thing really hits the spot at the moment. She Walks by Apiento originally came out in 2010, a track built around a wonky rhythm, a beach/poolside as the sun goes down vibe and some lovely piano, building nicely as it gathers momentum.

Things You Do For Love

This song is the sound of summer come early, a brand new tune from Balearic overlord Apiento. Things You Do For Love is built around a very Italo- sounding ascending bassline, a 100 bpm shuffle and a pair of vocals, one soulful and one French. This is very easy indeed, and very European.

As I mentioned Europe, the ongoing shitstorm taking place in the UK parliament hit new heights this week. There’s a part of me that really wants Article 50 extended for the sole reason of seeing the right wing nutjob Brexiters frothing at the mouth about it, that dickhead MP with the French surname making up some bollocks about his Dad not fighting the Germans for this, Tim Martin spitting cheap beer all over a branch of one of his pubs and Rees-Mogg tweeting something about his nanny in Latin while spluttering about parliamentary procedure. Little wins are sometimes the most satisfying.


Monday’s Long Song

Back to work today- I know some of you will have gone back last week  and therefore won’t have much sympathy but it’s still a wrench. Time spent out of the grind of commuting and work is time well spent. Here’s a long song to ease myself back into the work routine, a lovely chuggy seven and a half minute track from London’s Apiento from spring 2017. Apiento finds a musical sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the Balearics, Belgian New Beat and deep house with a melody borrowed from further east (picture taken in Wallasey last week, not a very Balearic place at all, especially mid-winter but a decent day trip).