How The West Was Won

Peter Perrett of The Only Ones is the writer of a song that all bloggers are legally obliged to have posted at least once (Another Girl Another Planet). He has a long awaited solo album about to come out and this song has just appeared.

Peter’s got a voice that is instantly recognisable and totally distinctive. This song lopes along like the Velvet Underground but a VU that celebrates Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. That’s his sons are on lead guitar and bass.

While we’re here, here’s The Only Ones live at the Electric Ballroom in Camden in 1980. The gig was released as a live album in 1989 which I bought following reading a review in either the NME or Melody Maker. The final song Me And My Shadow blew me away then and still does now- Peter’s vocals are wracked and drawled like no one else’s, the guitars are vicious and the drums thumping.

Me And My Shadow (Live in 1980)

Space Travel Wears Me Out, I Look Ill But I Don’t Care About It

If every band in Britain in 1978 had at least one great single in them, this one was The Only Ones. Another Girl, Another Planet is inexplicably good and attempting to isolate it’s constituent parts doesn’t really explain its greatness. The band clearly weren’t punk (look at them), but benefited from the floodgates punk opened. I know people rave about other songs they wrote but nothing else comes close to this moment of genius.