Back To The Source

This is really good and tailor made for a Sunday morning. Balearic DJ Dr Rob has put together a mix of the source material that inspired some of Andrew Weatherall’s productions and remixes (and provided the samples). It opens with the famous Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski dialogue from Paris, Texas (the source of the ‘yep, I know that feeling’ line at the end of I’m Coming Down on Screamdelica) and then winds its way from there through some of Weatherall’s record collection- Miles Davis, Bill Laswell, Lee and Nancy, Claire Hammil, American Spring (produced by Brian Wilson), the acid trip and tape loop drone of Tomorrow Never Knows, Billy Stewart, The Emotions, Gang Of Four, Fearless Four, Brilliant, the headspinning and heavy Hey Ho by Dub Syndicate, some even heavier Big Youth and Depth Charge- a mix that works both for trainspotters and general chilled out enjoyment.

Tracklist in full-

Harry Dean Stanton – I Knew These People
Bill Laswell – Lost Roads
Miles Davis – Saeta
American Spring – Sweet Mountain
Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning
Claire Hammil – Tides
The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
Billy Stewart – Summertime
The Emotions – Don`t Want To Lose Your Love
Gang Of Four – What We All Want
Fearless Four – Rockin’ It
Brilliant – Colours
Dub Syndicate – Hey Ho
Big Youth – Yabby Youth
Depth Charge – Depth Charge

Bonus selection- here’s the Paris, Texas clip from the start of the mix and the end of the film, a scene and film that is always worth spending ten minutes with.


Radio 6 spent a day celebrating 30 years since the summer of love and dance culture earlier this week. You can catch some of it here where Steve Lamacq interviews Andrew Weatherall, Nicky Black market and The Bug.

Dr Rob has put together a Flying Mix Part 3 which captures the spirit of the times, a tribute to the clubnight Flying, held in central London back in the day. There’s also a wonderful written piece to go with it here titled Oh My Gosh! You can also find links to parts 1 and 2 in here.

The tracklist is below- surely everyone can find something to groove to in this. It reminded me that I’d forgotten how much I like that Jesus Loves You record (Boy George’s acid house guise).

Blvd Mosse – Can`t Escape The Hypeness
The Aloof – Never Get Out The Boat (Farley & Heller Mix)
Ethereal Beat – Can You Understand
Ariel – Sea Of Beats
Sensuround – Blind Faith
Orchestra JB – Free Spirit (FPI Project Mix)
Mad Jacks – Feel The Hit
Ian Dury – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Flying Mix)
Kwanzaa Posse – Wicked Funk
Raimunda Navarro – Jungle Fever
Beautiful Ballet – Energy (Rudy`s Remix)
Pete Wylie – Sinful
Jesus Loves You – Bow Down Mister (Grid Mix)
Audio Deluxe – Sixty Seconds
Ragged Jack – Party`s Over (Flying Mix)
Deep Joy – Fall (Let There Be Drums)
Mr Luthero – Rotation
Kiss AMC – Circles (Blind Lemon Mix)
La Camour – Tarantella
Paradiso – Here We Go Again
DJ H & Stefy – Think About
Stex – After The Rain
Sound Of Shoom – I Hate Hate
The Temptations – Ain`t Too Proud To Beg
Eve Gallagher – Love Come Down
Frances Nero – Footsteps Following Me
A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Head
Love Corporation – Give Me Some Love (Weatherall Mix)
Less Stress – Don`t Dream It`s Over
Archie Bell & The Drells – Don`t Let Love Get You Down

Gansey Style

Did you know fishermen’s jumpers (or ganseys to be accurate, more info at Gansey Nation) can be identified to their town of origin by the stitch? There’s a Filey stitch, a Bridlington stitch, and so on.

This and many other things can be learnt at the Bridlington Harbour Museum, free entry, closed Thursdays. I don’t know which stitch Weatherall is wearing in the picture above- any fishermen who are reading may be able to enlighten us.

I was listening to these two mixes recently- a pile of early Andrew Weatherall remixes, mixed together by Dr Rob. They both sounded great in the car, Part Two not a million miles from some of the recent ALFOS mixes he’s done.

Part One
Primal Scream- Loaded
Primal Scream- Come Together (Weatherall Mix)
S’Express- Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em, Forget ‘Em (Eight Hour Mix)
The Impossibles- The Drum (Weatherall Remix)
Big Hard Excellent Fish- Imperfect List (Mix 1)
One Dove- Fallen (Nancy And Lee Mix)
Jah Wobble- Bomba (Miles Away Mix)
That Petrol Emotion- Abandon (Boys Own Mix)
St Etienne- Only Love Can break Your Heart (A Dub Mix In Two Halves)
The Orb- Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass One)
The Grid- Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix)

Part Two
Galliano- Skunk Funk (Cabin Fever Mix)
Deep Joy- Fall (Let There Be Drums)
Love Corporation- Give Me Some Love (Weatherall Mix)
Sly And Lovechild- The World According To… (Soul Of Europe Mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto- Psyche Out (Sex Skank Mix)
Airstream- Follow Through (9 O’ Clock Drop Mix)
Primal Scream- Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)
James- Come Home (Weatherall Mix)
Stereo MC’s0 Everything (Everything Grooves Part 1)
One Dove- Transient Truth (Sabres Squelch Mix)

There’s something on very similar lines here (thanks to Colin D for the tip off). From more recent times there’s an ‘exclusive mix’ for a French website here, which starts off with Rodelius and then goes into some funky, weird stuff. Meanwhile Faber have appointed Andrew as Artist in Residence. There was talk in an interview somewhere recently of Weatherall writing a book, stories with illustrations and such, which could be most entertaining.