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ID magazine fashion spread, 1981

It’s a Bank Holiday here so I thought we’d have some tense, agitated punk-funk from 1981. There’s a new compilation of Adrian Sherwood’s early production work out (Sherwood at The Controls Volume 1, 1979-1984) covering Mark Stewart, The Slits, Prince Far I, The Fall, African Head Charge, Shriekback and loads more. It’s wiry, dub and reggae influenced, political stuff, very 1981. Adrian Sherwood doesn’t get the respect he deserves- well he does, but it’s a very niche respect. He has been making essential music for so long yet is so unknown by so many. This song, Hungry So Angry by Medium Medium, was I’ll admit a new one to me- I was only eleven in 1981 and wasn’t listening to stuff this far into the leftfield. It has loads to commend it, even with the slap bass, like a simmeringly furious ACR. Stick this on at neighbour-worrying volume levels later and see what happens.