Brunswick Drive

Brunswick Drive by Black Merlin was the third release on Weatherall’s Bird Scarer Records. I have this one and Bird Scarer 002 though missed out on Bird Scarer 001. Does that irk me? Yes it does. This is the B-side, remixed by Scott Fraser. High quality electronic sounds for Saturday morning. No dl, listen only- it’s a vinyl only series, part of the Bird Scarer aesthetic.


Life Of Silence

Timothy J Fairplay’s remix of Scott Fraser’s A Life Of Silence, second release on Weatherall’s Bird Scarer Records. No download, vinyl 12″ only. Also the visuals are rather good (if very retromaniac). Think New Order may be in here somewhere sonically.

Bird Scarer

Andrew Weatherall’s first release on his new vinyl-only record label has come and gone and I’ve missed out, mainly due to the release date, pay day and internet pre-order dates all being in slightly the wrong order for me. There were only 300 copies of the record- Timothy J Fairplay’s The Last Reel coupled with a Weatherall remix on the B-side- so the odds I suppose were always stacked against each individual who wanted one getting one. There must be more than 300 Weatherall collectors mustn’t there? Over at the Ripped In Glasgow Facebook page various messages come through- Weatherall himself seen going into Rough Trade with 10 copies under his arm, Juno having it back in stock- but no-one has it stock when I go clicking. It’s not keeping me awake at night but it is perturbing me and I’m spending too much time trying to find a copy on the internets. Sometimes you just don’t get what you want. When its release was first announced there were some 90 second samples put up online. Here’s one of them.

The Last Reel (Weatherall Remix [90 second sample])

Bird Scarer

Curse you Mr Weatherall. Why must you do these things?

Bird Scarer Records is Andrew Weatherall’s new vinyl only venture, releasing it’s first 12″ single in two weeks time- a track called The Last Reel by Timothy J Fairplay with a Weatherall remix on the B-side. Limited to 300 copies. First 20 copies come with an AW lino print. Curse you Mr Weatherall.