Bad Meat, Lucid Dream

Chris Rotter was the guitarist on the 2010s live band version of Two Lone Swordsmen and plays on the Wrong Meeting albums and Andrew’s solo record from 2009 A Pox On The Pioneers. He has his own outfit, The Bad Meat Club. This song, 86’d, was previously only available on one of Andrew’s 6 Music 6 Mix shows, a shimmering, pulsing piece of music from the point where kraut, psyche and shoegaze crossover. With the blessing of Andrew’s family Chris has made it available at Bandcamp with the proceeds going to MIND. It’s five and a half minutes of joy that you’ll come back to time and again.

Play it back to back with this for some Friday in lockdown fun. The Lucid Dream, Carlisle’s finest acid house/ noise rock four piece, had plans to release a new album this year which have been scuppered by Coronavirus but they’ve put out a new song anyway, something to whet the appetite. Sunrise is seven minutes of acid house, thumping drums, acid squiggle madness, synthlines and energy rush.

Wait Until Spring

Is today spring?

Chris Rotter has been Andrew Weatherall’s guitarist, playing on both Two Lone Swordsmen and more recent solo stuff. I think he’s played with Death In Vegas as well but might be wrong. The Bagging Area sub isn’t here to fact check for me. Mr Rotter has his own band/project, The Bad Meat Club, who have released two e.p.s worth of material through Bandcamp. Try here and here where you can download nine songs for the cost of at least two British quid (one quid per e.p.). Mainly instrumental, a bit demo-ish in parts, there’s rockabilly, garage, surf and post-punk influences going on, and a good dash of the Wrong Meeting and Pox On The Pioneers sound.

Wait Until Spring