Uptown And Back Again

Monday’s Uptown post led me to two further Andrew Weatherall remixes with Uptown in the title, this pair from 2016. Australian band Jagwar Ma’s second album Every Now And Zen looked to the late 80s and early 90s for its inspiration, Manchester’s neo- psychedelia and Screamadelica. They’d moved into studio space in Weatherall’s Scrutton Street bunker complex and his influence must have seeped through the walls and open doors. He would remix the song Give Me A Reason twice, the first a slowed down, electronic dub excursion, the dull thud of the drum machine pushing it on for nine minutes. The second is a more abstract, even dubbier work out. A robot voice intones ‘and left and right and left and right’. The  drum machine patters on.

Give Me A Reason (Weatherall Meets Jonnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 1)

Give Me A Reason (Weatherall Meets Jonnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 2)

Give Me A Reason

A couple of years ago Andrew Weatherall remixed Aussie duo Jagwar Ma’s Come Save Me, spinning their dance pop into an early 90s indie-dance direction.

Come Save Me (Weatherall Remix)

He’s had another go at them this time around, with this ten minute cosmic, synthed out version of Give Me  A Reason, complete with robot voices. It’s been given the magnificent new title of Weatherall Meets Johnnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 1. Which leads me to speculate that there will also be a Part 2.

And if you can clear your diary for a couple of hours this mix of the man himself playing Leftorium in Brussels in the middle of January should provide some musical thrills and spills.

Sunday’s Not For Everyone

Andrew Weatherall has been back on the decks and the mic at NTS radio with the July edition of Music’s Not For Everyone- this one includes Jah Wobble, King Tubby, Tommy McCook, Wild Billy Childish, Wire, Vox Low and his new outfit Woodleigh Research Facility. I think you’ll enjoy it.

This Weatherall remix of Jagwar Ma’s Come Save Me from summer 2013 has been running through my head for the last few days. It is a stunner and sounds not unlike the kind of job he might have done to an indie guitar group circa 1991, which would lead to them saying ‘there’s always been a dance element to our music’ on page 19 of the NME.


Come Save Me

As well as the beefy indie-dance Andrew Weatherall remix of Jagwar Ma’s Come Save Me single there’s this remix by The Pachanga Boys- euphoric is the word. An extended two minute plus intro of ascending keyboard notes followed by ten minutes of hands-in-the-air excess, pitch bending all over the place. Like eating way too much chocolate in one go.

Come Save Me

Jeez. Pass me a drink. That was tough. Now I’m post-wake drunk and on the computer.

This is an outstanding indie-dance remix of Jagwar Ma by Andrew Weatherall, the guitars at around four minutes a particular highlight. Like 1989 all over again. 1989- that was a year wasn’t it?