The Hour

Bradley Wiggins sets off in two hours time in an attempt to break the world record for the hour. In short, riding round and round a velodrome track as fast as possible for an hour. He thinks he might be able to break through the 55 km barrier. Good luck Wiggo.

I went out and did some circuits in Trafford Park on Thursday night in my own hour attempt and managed 25.6 km. Less than half of what Wiggins may manage. But then I haven’t got a beard. Or an Olympians legs.

The lyrics of Round And Round apparently document New Order’s somewhat difficult relationship with Tony Wilson at the time and the money pit that was Factory Records and the Hacienda.

Wonky Bikes

I heard a new song from Red Snapper on the radio last week, on 6 music. I didn’t even know Red Snapper were still going but I always liked their jazz-tinged techno/techno-tinged jazz. This song, Wonky Bikes, is off an album from last year (Hyena) and is being released around now as a single- hence, no download. Live sounding and direct, not too jazzy, not too techno either.

Fifteen Hundred

A multiple celebration post today.

I finish work for Christmas today. Two weeks off. Thank the Lord for that.

This is my fifteen hundredth post. The 2903 comments from you lot are a large part of what makes it all worth while. Otherwise it really is just me pissing into the internet wind.

And this song turned up in the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year on Sunday night (deservedly won by Bradley Wiggins, though I’d like to have seen David Weir make the top three). Someone at the Beeb is clearly a soulie- The MVPs super-upbeat Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up. I’m no expert when it comes to northern soul but I like to dabble.

Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up

Here Wiggo

Superb stuff from Bradley Wiggins. Long may you continue.

Making Time

Tour De France

It’s about time a mod won the Tour De France isn’t it?
And while trying to ignore Murdoch and Sky’s role in all of this we could coo over the very lovely Bradley Wiggins X Fred Perry range of cycling/leisure shirts, available here, in pale blue, white and black. Pale blue for me I think.

With crushing inevitability, from their 2003 remake and remodel album, here come Kraftwerk.

Tour De France Etape 1