Three Johnnies

Tuesday brings three Johnny songs, none of which I own in any format and all suggested by friends in the comments boxes. Simon went for Lucille #1 by Prefab Sprout and Echorich concurred. It’s from that moment in the mid 80s when some of the indie heroes went all sophisticated and adult. This performance is from the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1985.

Very nice. I had the Steve McQueen album on cassette but never replaced it after the tape died out.

Johnny #2 is from Drew and his almost annual pilgrimage to see Stiff Little Fingers, usually at this time of year. Simon loves this one too. SLF do a rip-roaring cover of Bob Marley’s Johnny Was. This version from a 1999 tour is seven minutes long and causes punk pandemonium.

Thirdly, Ctel, chronicler of all things dance music related at Acid Ted, requested Motorhead or Hawkwind doing Lost Johnny. The internet is sharply divided into those who favour Motorhead’s fast and angry version and those who go for the earlier, trippier and heavier Hawkwind one. Out of the two I prefer Hawkwind’s stoner rock, distorted bass and reverb-laden vocals. Lemmy it should be noted played bass and sang on both.


Cargo Culte

I was in Beatnik Shop in Altrincham on Saturday afternoon chatting with one of the men who run it (who it turns out was on the same PGCE course as me, twenty years ago), and a Serge Gainsbourg album was playing (Histoire De Melody Nelson which I haven’t heard before, shocking admission I know) and as the final song played out over its seven and a bit minutes I was struck by how much of it David Holmes pilfered for Don’t Die Just Yet. I mean, I like David Holmes, a lot of his stuff is great, but there’s sampling and there’s sampling.

Cargo Culte

Words That Jangle In Your Head

Steve McQueen music part 2, this time from The Thomas Crown Affair film (1968) Noel Harrison’s Windmills Of Your Mind, with it’s circling chord sequence and unforgetable lyrics. When we were kids we had a dansette in our bedroom and my Mum gave us an album of cover versions of 60s hits (the kind of Top Of The Pops albums that have been featured at Planet Mondo recently, with scantily clad girls on the cover). This song was on it, and it’s kind of been stuck in my head ever since, thirty odd years ago.

What was that? Just a Proustian rush mate, get over it.

Noel Harrison – Windmills Of Your Mi.mp3

‘Look, You Work Your Side Of The Street, And I’ll Work Mine’

There’s a bit of a spy movie theme thing going on at a couple of places at the moment, so I’ll chuck my tuppence worth in. Besides that, it gives us a chance to admire Steve McQueen’s complete coolness.

This is the main title theme from Bullitt (1968), scored by Lalo Schiffrin. The score was reworked from the film for record release and jazzed up a bit (literally) to make it more saleable. The version here is from the cd re-release. On the vinyl version this track is a bit shorter- cd buyers value for money I suppose. The whole album is great and while I don’t listen to this sort of thing (jazzy instrumentals or film soundtracks) very often this always sounds good.

Now, where did I put my polo neck jumper?

01 Bullitt, Main Title (Movie Versio.mp3