>Invisible College


Gatto Fritto (real name Ben Williams, other than that I know nothing) has just released an early contender for album of the year. If you have any interest in dance music or electronic music you need to get this one- an eight track album without a single duff moment, with variety, euphoria, swirly psychedelic moments, blissed out moments, beautiful melancholic moments, squelchy bass moments, loads of lovely noises, and more. I posted Hex here some time ago, and could easily post any of the other seven tracks but I’ve gone for this one, Invisible College. Eleven minutes of dance rapture so balaeric it’s practically got it’s own sunset. Playing this earlier while Mrs Swiss was painting the shed it sounded perfect in every way. Go on, get thee to a record shop.

Invisible College.wma




Hex by Gatto Fritto is a wonderful slice of… oh I dunno, psychedelic Italo disco, or motorik house, or analogue electronica, or…. I think I ‘m turning into one of those word generator things. If you like electronic dance music that builds slowly and makes you feel warm and a bit like dancing, click on the link. You won’t regret it.


>Archduke On The Dancefloor


Franz Ferdinand- loved their first album, not fussed much by the second, didn’t even buy the third. I’ve fallen into the same pattern with Arcade Fire (whose second album Neon Bible I disliked from the first time I played it). The only thing I have off Franz Ferdinand’s third album are two remixes of No You Girls, one by The Juan Maclean and this one by Gatto Fritto, where FF get bent into all kinds of electronic funk shapes for around nine minutes.

No You Girls (Gatto Fritto Remix) (Gatto Fritto Remix).mp3