Rude Redux

Rude Audio,a South London collective, have an e.p. out shortly. The five tracks on Rude Redux have been providing the soundtrack to my autumn commute on and off for the last few weeks. The trio take the open minded, anything goes, Balearic spirit of the late 80s/early 90s as their starting point and layer North African and Middle Eastern melodies over the top of their chuggy, dancefloor rhythms, dubby basslines bouncing about. In places woozy and light, in others more direct and 4/4. The opening track is this one, a shuffler with timbales borrowed from Sabres of Paradise, a nagging keyboard riff and a title that points the way…

You can buy it at Bandcamp (and get the rest of the e.p. when it comes out next week).

To The Half Moon combines chanting and Kraftwerk and glides off from there in an ambient house direction.

Two more tracks, Rumble On Arab St and Pipeline Screaming, flesh the sound out further before we get to the Rich Lane remix at the end. Rich has been mining gold recently with his remixes. Here he finds some additional space, adds a pulsing heartbeat rhythm and lets the synths do their thing…

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