Sunday Dubstyle

Here’s the dub I was looking for earlier- Sly and Robbie, rhythm section and production team extraordinaire. They’re estimated to have played on or produced 200,000 recordings. I slipped that in just in case you were thinking you’ve been productive at work recently.

Demolition City Dub

You’re Wondering Now

I was going to start Sunday with some dub- it’s ages since there was any dub round here- but scrolling through stuff I chanced upon this and thought we should start Sunday with some ska. You’re Wondering Now is probably best known to people my age as a Specials song and is maybe best known to people twenty years younger than me as an Amy Winehouse tune. It was originally a Skatalites instrumental; this later vocal version was recorded by Andy and Joey in 1964.

Ska now, dub later.

You’re Wondering Now