Night Strike On Fish Island

If you needed another reason to order Timothy J Fairplay’s debut album Where Is The Champion? ┬áthis has just been put up, a fast moving and intense synth trip. The video, while looking like a computer game, is made up of real life footage.

The video for Autoduel is more like one of the games in those the coin operated, arcade games machines. There was a car stereo fitters at the top of the road where I grew up, Transound. We’d happily feed the machines with 10 pence pieces ’til we ran out while 1980s cars got fitted out with state of the art sound systems. The music here sounds like a drive round town long after dark.

The advert for Moon War above, a 1981 arcade game, knows exactly what younger teenage boys (video games most enthusiastic players) were/are interested in.

A Whisper In The Darkness

Timothy J Fairplay has a debut album out next month, following a slew of ep and 12″ releases over the last couple of years and a stint as an Asphodell. The blurb from Dutch record label Charlois adds several new genres to Timothy’s already pretty unique list of musical areas covered- proto techno, horror disco and forlorn wave. The last one, forlorn wave, is a beauty to add to the Stasi disco and rare gloom tags that were my previous favourites. Twelve synth and drum machine tracks over four sides of vinyl, out on February 20th. Things are looking up.

Left Off

Somehow, inexplicably, I left Timothy J Fairplay off my end of year list last week. Partly because I just forgot and partly because I thought at least one of these releases came out the year before. Confused. These are two songs that have been two big favourites round here this year and should definitely have been in my list. The Cat Prowls Again is a synthy disco number that came out on 7″ in the summer on the increasingly essential Hoga Nord label.

A three track ep came out digitally in December 2015 but physically in January 2016. My Etherealrealness has ticky drums and spooky, descending synthlines. The hi-hats and lasers add some 70s sci-fi fizz.

Just when you could do with a post Christmas lull we have a large family party this afternoon and an invite to a second bash this evening, a housewarming described as a Moving Gin party. Wish us luck.

The Circular Path

This came out back in 2013 to little fanfare which is a shame as it’s a rather good remix job done by Weatherall and Fairplay on Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s, a sort of hypnotic, space age, techno remix. Some lovely melodies reveal themselves set off against the breakbeat. Best description I can manage right now.

The Circular Path (Asphodells Remix)

Fair Play

It has been ages (well, the end of March) since Timothy J Fairplay graced this blog. Here’s one of his Stasi disco productions. Paranoia you can dance to.

Across The Volga

Here’s an hour long mix from Timothy J Fairplay done for the Volga River Rhythm Club.

What Is To Be Done?

It’s been a week or two since Timothy J. Fairplay graced these pages. Happily he’s back with another project, this time a collaboration with Alessandro Parisi under the name Dynamite Winter Palace. Ice cold synths deep into Russia. 80s drum machines set to stun. The song below is called What Is To Be Done, which as I’m sure you know was the title of a political pamphlet written by Lenin in 1901. In this work Lenin argues that dedicated Marxists should form a party to lead the working class towards revolutionary Marxist ideas- to become the vanguard of the proletariat. This short book then led to the split between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. And several other historical events, not least the Russian Revolution of October 1917.

I am going to London today, staying through until Friday, with a group of sixth form students taking in various historic and cultural sites (plus the Westfield shopping centre to ensure their capitalist desires are satisfied). I shall see you all at the weekend.