Deep Space Boom

Here’s a 1991 tune from yesterday’s remixers The Grid to welcome in May. Boom is a rolling uptempo, Italo piano led seven minutes worth of music to lift the spirits and expand the mind, messages and bleeps bouncing back to us from a very long way away.

Boom (Deep Space Mix)

Come The Revolution

IF? were a three piece progressive house group from the early 90s, one of the three being Sean McLusky who was previously a member of Subway Sect and JoBoxers and also the man behind a multitude of influential London clubs including The Brain Club and Love Ranch. Although IF? didn’t see much in the way of chart success they did record some good singles. This one, remixed by The Grid (Richard Norris and David Ball, Ball being one half of Soft Cell), is a lovely, expansive, end of night tune.

IF (Come The Revolution Mix)


In which The Orb remix The Grid, 1993. Ambient with a drum machine pattering away. Thwup whoosh thwup.

Crystal Clear

I logged into my Boxnet account yesterday to upload Crystal Clear by The Grid, one of those ace 90s dance tracks with a dub-techno beat and acid squiggle, and found that I have used 1654% of my bandwidth for this month. Which is well over ten times what I usually use. Which was a bit confusing. I skimmed through my files to find that Ohm’s Tribal Tone (Sabres Of Paradise Remix) had been previewed over 7000 times. Which is about 6970 more times than even my most popular downloads get downloaded. So I don’t know what’s happened there. But my bandwidth for the rest of September has now gone tits up. Very strange.

Crystal Clear


It took thirteen hours of driving to get home yesterday. While sitting in a traffic jam on the M25, having gone counter-clockwise towards the M40 to avoid advertised  long delays at the Dartford Crossing, this superb example of early 90s Balaerica from The Grid and Mr Weatherall made staring at another car’s bumper and back window more bearable. Blissful sounds.

Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix)

Without Music Blogs 2

Without music blogs I would probably also have missed this- the Prins Thomas remix of The Grid’s classic 1990 Floatation single, stretched out, zhizzed up and as dreamy as yesterday’s Brian Eno remix. The music blog in question was Nolan Micron’s Castles In Space, which continues to provide top quality tunes. When I was in Piccadilly Records a while back I found a copy of this on 10″ vinyl. Circle completed.

Floatation (Prins Thomas Miks)

The Man Ray portrait is of Genica Athanasiou, a Romanian actress and Antonin Artaud’s partner. Which doesn’t really explain why he was looking so unhappy in his portrait. Unless he was annoyed his curtains had been pulled down.


We had friends round last night. We drank too much and stayed up too late.

Here is a song.

Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix)