Away Again

A quick turn around and I’m off again, with the family this time, down to the Dordogne in South West France for the next couple of weeks, stopping off in the Loire for three nights on the way back. It’s looking good.

I’ll leave you with a couple of songs to speed us on our way and to keep you happy. Rikki Turner’s new band The Hurt released a cracking song a few months back, the moody and epic Berlin. The new one is a cover of Nico’s One More Chance and is a stately throb.

The new Hardway Bros ep Pleasure Cry is one of my records of the year thus far. This song, Argonaut, was written specifically by Sean Johnston to be played on the boat at Croatia’s Electric Elephant Festival. It starts off like Weatherall’s mix of Come Together and then heads off into the sunset putting its arms around you and doing a little dance.

And just so’s there’s some screaming guitars and drawled vocals here’s J Mascis and The Fog covering Teenage Fanclub’s Everything Flows with Mike Watt on bass. It then diverts into Pavement’s Range Life and The Ruts’ In A Rut. Is it any good? Of course it is. It is seven minutes of good.


Pleasure Cry

I’ve given the vintage photographs thing a rest recently- become a bit of a cliche innit? But this Jacques Henri Lartigue picture from about a century ago of a woman sunbathing and rewinding the gramophone is pretty special.

Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros return with a four track 12″ of proper dance music, the sort that should be heard in the dark backroom of airless nightclubs or outdoors somewhere as the sun goes down/comes up. The ep’s title track is this song, vocals by Sarah Rebecca, is a sultry groover with a dirty bassline and takes that old house music plus sex vocal thing and sends it out of your speakers and into your ears/loins. Cymbals tap away, kick drum thumps, ‘my legs are like butterflies…this is my pleasure cry’.

Chase The Bush

Oooh, this is a dancefloor stomper with the chug in full effect from Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros. Some of squiggles are messing my central nervous system up a little. Turn the lights off, get someone to flick the lamp on and off really fast.


Do you want a record for your party? This is the one I’m recommending today, a massive dance record made in a giant rave machine and released into the world last month. Split Secs featuring Alona remixed to perfection by Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros.

Lovin’ Arms

I just discovered this. Out Cold are the side project of Cherry Ghost’s Simon Aldred. This belting Hardway Bros remix from 2013 has a thumping kick drum to go with the soulful vocal and sounds like the sort of record you end up dancing to in a car park in the dim light of morning when there’s nowhere else to go but you don’t want to go home. Obviously as a forty five year old I don’t do this kind of thing anymore.

A Wednesday In June

It’s Wednesday. It’s June. Here’s a brace of marvelous chuggy, post-acid house groovers that seem to come from the darkest corners of small back rooms filled with dry ice and sweat, a pair of dancefloor tracks from two artists well familiar to this blog. First up Edit Service 58, a re-working of something or other by Hardway Bros. Spaced sequencers, intense, a ride to the sun, free download.

Second is Dim The Lights, a filthy, bleepy, beat heavy affair from Richard Norris, pushing all the settings all the way up.

A Love From Outer Skye

For those of you in need of some Weatherall related goodness on an April Saturday night, here is a two hour live set- Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston- playing on the Isle of Skye last weekend. Contains didgeridoo from the outset.