Lovin’ Arms

I just discovered this. Out Cold are the side project of Cherry Ghost’s Simon Aldred. This belting Hardway Bros remix from 2013 has a thumping kick drum to go with the soulful vocal and sounds like the sort of record you end up dancing to in a car park in the dim light of morning when there’s nowhere else to go but you don’t want to go home. Obviously as a forty five year old I don’t do this kind of thing anymore.


A Wednesday In June

It’s Wednesday. It’s June. Here’s a brace of marvelous chuggy, post-acid house groovers that seem to come from the darkest corners of small back rooms filled with dry ice and sweat, a pair of dancefloor tracks from two artists well familiar to this blog. First up Edit Service 58, a re-working of something or other by Hardway Bros. Spaced sequencers, intense, a ride to the sun, free download.

Second is Dim The Lights, a filthy, bleepy, beat heavy affair from Richard Norris, pushing all the settings all the way up.

A Love From Outer Skye

For those of you in need of some Weatherall related goodness on an April Saturday night, here is a two hour live set- Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston- playing on the Isle of Skye last weekend. Contains didgeridoo from the outset.


Tied Together

This song is the third in a row of this type of thing- I hope you’re getting a good mixtape out of this. Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros released an ep in November called Sleaze. All four songs are good, two are superb. Thoughts On Modern Living is a full on slow-mo techno thing with that sampled speech that I’ve heard before somewhere ‘You don’t have to tell me things are bad, everybody knows things are bad…’, taken I think from the Great Depression in 1930s, building as the voice’s rage increases. It’s too good to post, you should seek it out yourself. The other stunner is this chilly remix of Legato by Kasper Bjorke. Sleaze is still available on vinyl, on Throne Of Blood. You should buy a copy as an advent present to yourself -it’s worth six quid of anyone’s money.

Legato (Kasper Bjorke Remix)


Some hard-edged funky techno from the mysterious Man Power- if you haven’t heard any of his stuff you should seek some of his stuff out. The west coast of Britain, according to the news today, is about to be hit by a weatherbomb- not a storm, not some wintry bad weather, a weatherbomb. Run, hide, panic buy!

Kiloton (Hardway Bros Remix)





Alien Nights

I had some of my monthly download subscription at emusic to use up and found a bunch of Hardway Bros remixes of different people. This one is ticking all my boxes at the minute- a super sleek, upwardly mobile space-house remix of Italian duo Alien Alien.

The Nights (Hardway Bros Remix)

It put me in mind of Bladerunner. Although Pris was a replicant not an alien.


We are camping in the Lakes tonight, for child number two our daughter ET. It is her eleventh birthday. Somehow we have managed to combine going to a campsite on top of a hill with England’s first game in the world cup (at eleven pm). Hopefully we will find a pub nearish to the campsite. Otherwise it’s everyone round a small transistor radio annoying any campers who want to get to sleep.

This rather good electronic song by Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros came out on a compilation called Correspondent a few months back. I’m guessing the title refers to when it was recorded, a year ago today.

14.6.13 here

Today is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Bunnyman and Sex God Pete de Freitas, killed on his motorbike in Staffordshire. His last public appearance was in the video of this Julian Cope song. There’s a very good article in the latest Mojo magazine about him. He was one of a kind.