Deadstock, Baris, Asphodells

This Asphodells remix came out on vinyl last week- Baris K is a Turkish musician/producer who was up here the other day. In this remix Weatherall stretches it out, bassline forefront, adds an Eastern stringed instrument. And the backwards/forwards vocal is t-r-i-p-p-y. Hypnotic. The original is worth seeking out too (or just flipping over if you bought the 12″).

Also out recently (not sure if it’s on vinyl or not) is a Weatherall/Asphodells remix of Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s. The Circular Path has a Luke Solomon and Dmitri Veimar remix apiece too. The Weatherall one is machine-funk reminiscent of TLS to these ears. Excerpts of each available to listen to below. I know, I find excerpts annoying too. You’ll have to buy it.

When Your Garden’s Over Droned

Free gift for Sunday anyone?
Paul Weller was done up by Justin Robertson and it was never released, so Justin’s gone and put it on Soundcloud- drone dub remix it says. And that’s what it is. Free download and all that.

Justin Time

Justin Robertson and his Deadstock 33s are on a roll at the moment with remixes, an album, and dj sets all over the place. In this mix he ‘explores the far out borders of contemporary dance music’. Free download and worth every byte. There are some cracking tunes on this.

Ramble On

It’s funny- as technology improves at an ever-increasing and bewildering rate, people deliberately make digital versions of clunky old analogue. You can get Old Typewriter Font (Messy) with irregular splats and inkblots onto your PC to give the impression of using a typewriter. Just the same as putting vinyl crackle from a pre-set onto your music track I suppose.

I was going to write a long rambling post about my disgust with the Daily Mail and its repugnant attempt to make political capital out of the shocking deaths of six children at the hands of a psychopath and also about the idiocy of the benefit cuts and the knee jerk efforts by all involved to play some kind of poverty reality game (300,000 signatures on an e-petition to get Ian Duncan Smith to prove he can/can’t live on £53 a week, which he either refuses to do thus proving one thing or he could do with change to spare thus proving another, and how this completely misses the point- as several folk have pointed out, living on £53 a week isn’t about just one week, it’s about living on that every week, week after week, and having no kind of safety net for when the washing machine breaks down or the boiler stops working or the kids need new school shoes)… and how sometimes it feels like we live in a country where life just gets a little bit worse every day (and I don’t want to feel like that, I don’t want to be a grumpy old man) and we’re governed by people who come from a political ruling class who see politics only as a career choice, as something to do between working at a top (fill in the blank) company and leaving to take up a directorship at a top (fill in the blank) company. And it applies to all the parties I’m afraid, not just the despicable, wobbly jawed Tories.

I was also musing while drifting off to sleep the other night on the nature of this blog I write everyday and how it’s changed a bit over the last year. At the start it was about ‘music…and what it means to me‘ but more recently it’s become more instant, more now- with video and Soundcloud and new release updates and all of that, and how it’s now also becoming a place where I put stuff so I can find it easily (as well as share it with you) and that the nature of the writing has become less personal- but you know, not every song has a story behind it. Sometimes it’s just a song I like. I’ve also become a prisoner of the self-imposed need to have at least a post a day- yup, like everything else, even my blog has measurable targets. We’re about to go away for a week, a caravan in north Yorkshire, somewhere between Bridlington and Scarborough. I’m looking forward to the break, and while I really, really enjoy doing the blog and getting the comments and feedback from all of you, to be honest I’ll be glad to have a week’s break from it as well. About three weeks ago I was driving home from work and I honestly thought I had reached the end of the road- I couldn’t see where the next blogpost was coming from, that I had nothing else to put up here. And since then I’ve written roughly thirty posts. So on it goes.

There’s some rockabilly coming later and a special bumper post for tomorrow and then there’ll be nothing here until next Friday or Saturday. Have fun while I’m away.

Song anyone?
Justin Robertson remixes Public Service Broadcasting’s recent single Signal 30. I was a bit disappointed with Signal 30 when I first heard it although I imagine it works well live. Here Justin introduces PSB to acid house.

Trans Pennine Express

I don’t know when these came out but at some point in the recentish past Justin Robertson remixed krauty-tech types Warm Digits and came up with two slices of Balearic house loveliness that will warm the cockles and make your fingers tap, particularly Trans Pennine Express. And you can’t beat a track called Trans Pennine Express. Free download. Go get.

Dark Horses

Ctel posted this at Acid Ted the other day (but it’s easy to miss stuff there as he posts several times a day). I thought I’d re-present it here as it’s a good ‘un and it’s very much in Bagging Area territory. Justin Robertson, dressed in his Deadstock 33s clothes, remixes Dark Horses and their song Boxing Day- lengthy with drones and crisp motorik drums, ‘krauty’ as Ctel noted but pretty clubby and direct with it- I like it very much and it’s a free download. Get it from Soundcloud.


I thought I’d posted a link to this but it appears not- Daniel Avery and Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s on a track called Magnetic. Minimal, spacey, going a bit krautrock via a dash of New Order. Stream at Soundcloud.