Indian Summer

This mix from Rich Lane is the perfect way to spend two and a half hours today, a midweek pick-me- up, lots of chuggy end of summer tunes, some head nodders, beard strokers and foot tappers. There’s a possibility that some warm, even hot, weather is on it’s way, thanks to those Saharan heat plumes.

Prequels – Rich Lane / (Cotton Bud)
9:AM (Rich Lane Remix) – Did Virgo feat. Johanna / (La dame Noir)
Araf – The Long Champs / (tici taci)
Irusu – Thoughtless / (Reinhardt)
Penumbras (Noche Remix) – Utopyk & El Fulminandor / (Fulmen)
The Science of Plants (Peza Remix) – Kieren Holden / (tici taci)
Trapped (feat. Snem K) – Duncan Gray / (tici taci)
Sleepstream (Ewan Pearson Remix) – Languages / (Days of Being Wild)
Dumb It Down – Rich Lane / (Cotton Bud)
La Nuit Des Tropiques (Field Of Dreams Remix) – Les Crocodiles / (Pleasure Unit)
Duncan Gray – Long Haul / (tici taci)
Jack Butters – Rotten Road / (tici taci)
The Long Champs – A Postcard / (tici taci)
Just Want to Touch (Cabaret Nocturne Remix) – Two Mamarrachos / (Nein)
Touched By The Hand of Cicciolina (Rich Lane Cotton Dub) – Pop Will Eat Itself / (unofficial remix)
Toucan (Mr BC Remix) – Quantal / (Sub:Sonic)
Power To The People (Markus Gibb Remix) – Pardon Moi / (Roam)
Imani’s Dress (Original Mix) – Satori / (Crosstown Rebels)
Around Me (Rich Lane Cotton Dub) – ONUKA / (unnoficial remix)
Erotica Nervosa (feat. Sarah Rebecca) – Duncan Gray / (tici taci)
Plague Of The Zombies – Scientist / (Greensleeves)
City of Culture – Rich Lane / (Cotton Bud)
Tecno Misógino (Bufi Remix) – Moderna Y Theus Mago / (La dame Noir)
Gorian Dray (MontCosmik Remix) – Monoblock & PLSKTR / (Play Pal)
Subtractive Ocean – Dark Strands / (From the forthcoming album ‘Lights Out’)

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