Song For Denise

It’s the last day of August, the end of summer pretty much. Back To School signs decorate the supermarkets, night is already drawing in noticeably sooner, the political situation is dire. The football’s fairly grim from where I’m sitting too. Autumn is coming. But I refuse to go gently into September without a final summer musical blow out. This track, Song For Denise by Piano Fantasia, was an Italo- house single released across various European countries in 1985. It then got a speedy re-release on 12″ in 1989 when house music demanded pianos, a certain bpm count and good feelings. According to an interview with him in N-R-G magazine from March 1990 Andrew Weatherall was the man in the UK who picked up on Song For Denise and spun it, pushing it into the clubs. Thirty four years later it sounds magnificent, the essence of summer days spent without a care in the world, suntans, shorts and cigarettes, sunshine and love. Yeah, the crashing drums are a bit mid- 80s but the keyboard stabs, the fat synth bass, those piano runs and chords and slightly melancholic synth strings are bliss.

Song For Denise

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