Do Androids Dream Of 2019?

We’re now in the year Blade Runner was set. We have until November for all the aspects of the film to be realised- replicants, flying cars, off world colonies, Voight- Kampff empathy response machines (although it wouldn’t surprise me if these do exist). Maybe Blade Runner isn’t very far from our 2019 at all- in the film corporations are all powerful, product and advertising is everywhere, the climate is seemingly broken (perpetual rain and night), the wealthy isolate themselves living high up above the streets where everyone else exists. Deckard’s Esper machine is voice controlled and has the functions of Google Earth, the ability to manipulate photographs.

In Blade Runner’s 2019 people dress in a cross between 1940s film noir and early 80s synth pop.

In the meantime, Vangelis’ soundtrack remains a repeated joy.