There were two pieces of unwelcome news at the tail end of last week. Firstly it was announced through social media that Gary Haisman had died, aged only 60. Haisman was a face of the London club scene, an enthusiastic devotee and early adopter of acid house, a regular at Shoom and the voice and face of this top 3 hit…

We Call It Acieed was D-Mob’s 1988 single, the first sign for much of the general public that something was afoot, that there was what sociologists in the 60s liked to call a youthquake taking place. Top Of the Pops agreed- Steve Wright introduced D-Mob and the single wearing a smiley t-shirt, his finger ever on the pulse. Gary was a member of the Boy’s Own collective with Weatherall, Farley and co and played a significant part in putting on parties and club nights. Weirdly, he sent me a friend request on Facebook a little while ago- which is how I learned of his death as his fmaily and friends started posting tributes and their memories of him.

Within a day the death of DJ Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson was announced, also way too young at the age of 59. Paul DJed in many of London’s key clubs in the 80s and 90s, was at Kiss during its pirate days and afterwards and who pioneered the New York sound into the clubs in the mid 90s. Paul was one of the first black DJs to play in London’s West End, was a major influence on Norman Jay and Soul II Soul and was still playing house nights and soul weekenders until recently. Both Gary and Paul played their part in the culture and enriched the lives of those who participated, listened to the music, and went to the clubs and parties. RIP Gary. RIP Paul.

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