Sister Dubbed

I was making a cd of remixes from this calendar year by Andrew Weatherall to listen to in the car and scrolled back through my posts from this year tagged Andrew Weatherall to check I hadn’t missed any. There are plenty of memorable ones, remixes of Field Of Dream, Marius Circus, Craig Bratley, the roof raising one of Confidence Man, two super smart versions of a Noel Gallagher song, the recent jerky, punk funk audiobooks one and the weird dubbed out Eyes Of Others one. But I found that I’d forgotten that at the start of the year he provided two remixes of Sister, a standout song from Tracey Thorn’s album Record that featured the talents of Tracey, Corinne Bailey Rae and Stella and Jenny Lee from Warpaint. The dub mix posted here is very chilled, spacey and right up my alley.

Sister (Andrew Weatherall Dub)